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CV Promoters is were employers and job seekers meet. Our CV database consists of millions of CV's for job seekers from all industries looking for career opportunities worldwide.

We cater for everyone. Whether you are looking for a job, or already employed. So no more excuses for being unemployed or not having your dream job. Employers can now find you.

You can simply write your professional online CV within minutes:

  • Have your CV accessible to employers 247/365.
  • Allow yourself to get job offers anytime.
  • Efficient, easy to setup, secure, fast and reliable.
  • Operate at an international level.
  • Your CV is not accessible to the entire public. Only prominent companies that are registered with us.
  • CV submission is free!
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We cover career opportunities in the following career lines:
Architect, Interior Design, Office administration, Design, Engineering, Export, Import, Finance, Tax, Audit, office Receptionist / Secretary, Hotels, Human Resources, Recruiter, Information Technology, Computers, Legal, Lawyer, Media, TV, Cinema, Newspapers, Writing, Medical, Health, Packaging, Part time, Work at home, Piping, Retail, Sales, Marketing, Security, Surveillance, Site, Construction, Stores, Purchase, Teaching, Lecturer , Textiles, Fashion, Merchandiser, Travel, Tourism, Web Design, Accommodation and Hospitality, Associations and NGO's, Beauty, Motoring, Mechanical, Safety, Accounting, Entertainment, Properties , Real Estate, Shopping, Agriculture, Construction, Manufacturing, Religion & Spirituality, Transport & Logistics, Art & Culture, Education & Training, Catering, Restaurants & Bars.

We operate in the following countries:
Namibia, South Africa, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Botswana, Mauritius, Rwanda, Ghana, Kenya, Estonia, Brazil, Netherlands, Denmark, Japan, Canada, Australia, Austria, Estonia, Russia, Czech Republic, Finland, United States of America, Israel, Colombia, Luxembourg, Latvia, Lithuania, France, Iceland, Slovenia, Portugal, Chile, Belgium, Hungary, India, Poland, Costa Rica, Ireland, Slovakia, Switzerland, Mexico, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Norway, Sweden, New Zealand, Germany, South Korea, North Korea, United Kingdom, China, Cuba, Bangladesh, Egypt, Tanzania, Liberia, Cameroon, Morocco, Pakistan, Philippines United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Indonesia, Iraq, Singapore, Thailand, Jordan, Wales, Spain, Norway, Scotland, Romania, Greece, Jamaica, Bahamas, Zimbabwe, Bulgaria, Angola

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